Supporting at-risk students and making education smarter

GradesFirst was a student success technology company based in Birmingham, Alabama, that helped colleges and universities engage and support at-risk students. Founded in 2006 to help promote the success of student athletes, GradesFirst became the leading provider of communication and case management technology for advisors and other student success specialists.

Project Details

With their previous design GradesFirst’s application benefits were not delivered properly to their audience. The new website needed to highlight company information, news, events, and career options, but also better highlight the application’s benefits. They needed entirely new digital assets to help them stand out in their space. Working closely with the team I was able to plan, design, and implement a WordPress driven site in a way that enhanced the website experience for advisors and other student success specialists by getting them to the information they need faster.

Services Provided
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Art Direction
  • Front-end Development
  • Content Management System
Goals and Outcomes
  • Improved overall appearance
  • Better promoted application features
  • Increased product demo requests
  • Established design direction for the future

Want more details?

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