Red Diamond

Red Diamond

Unparalleled quality steeped in tradition

Founded in 1906, Red Diamond is one of the three oldest coffee and teas companies in the United States. With headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, Red Diamond sells to customers in 46 states, Mexico and the Caribbean. Red Diamond can be enjoyed in restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals, and homes across the nation. In fact, over 6,000,000 servings of Red Diamond are consumed daily across the nation.

Project Details

While a visual design refresh was a big part of this project, the primary goal was capturing and promoting the spirit of one of the oldest family businesses in Alabama. I started from scratch creating a new site, designed to highlight Red Diamond with a professional new look and feel. Careful attention was paid to the navigation which was stripped back and overhauled to streamline the user’s journey. Keeping balance between brand integrity and providing a new and enhanced digital presence that focused on quick access to all visitor’s paths drove my design decisions for the project.

Services Provided
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
Goals and Outcomes
  • Improved digital presence
  • Enhanced navigation and usability
  • Better segment product offerings

Want more details?

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